First Class Storage

Indoor Heated Storage
Length (ft) Width (ft) Start Date End Date Rate Prepaid
Sample Rates
Estimated Prepaid Discount Rate – From $1.75 to $2.00 per square foot. (Rates vary on time of year)
Small Medium Large X Large XX Large
Square Area  90 Sq. ft.  96 Sq. ft.  96 Sq. ft.  102 Sq. ft.  108 Sq. ft.
1 Month $157.50 $168.00 $168.00 $178.50 $189.00
3 Month – 5% $149.63/$448.88 $159.60 / $478.80 $159.60 / $478.80
$169.58/$508.73 $179.55/$538.65
6 Months – 15% $133.88/$803.25 $142.80/$856.80 $142.80/$856.80 $151.73/$910.35 $160.65/$963.90
12 Months – 25% $118.13/$1417.50 $126.00/$1512.00 $126.00/$1512.00 $133.88/$1606.50 $141.75/$1701.00
NOTE: We will not be held responsible for items left in vehicle or dead batteries. Storage charges will begin
one day after notification of completed work. Excessive Clean-up, Wear, Dirt, Interior, Exterior, Extra-Engine Cleaning
can cause damage or inconvenience, we will not be responsible for problems associated with the engine after cleaning. No
claims will be allowed for error unless made within 5 days after receipt of services. 1 1/2 % late service charge per month,
will be charged on unpaid amounts after due date. ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE: 18% If collection must be made by lawsuit or
otherwise, the undersigned agrees to pay all costs and expenses incurred in the collection of amount shown on this invoice,
plus a reasonable attorney’s fee. The undersigned personally guarantees payment of this invoice and assumes responsibility
for the services until full payment is made. Vehicle will remain on premise until payment is made in full. $25 charge
for all returned checks.